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4 succesfull techniques for learning Dutch

Noticing – How it is said! together with what is said/do I understand?
Chunking – which words and combinations go together in Dutch.
Ear-training – What you hear is not what you read. How do the Dutch speak!
Knitting – huis/ mooi huis/ wat een mooi huis. Progress has to do with the ability of putting words together.


Would you like to learn Dutch in a fast and logical way?

➢    Build language from previous knowledge.
➢    Learn structures and ‘ways of saying’ instead of complicated grammar rules.
➢    Put emphasis on communication […]

Learn Dutch – Do not learn grammar

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How to start learning Dutch?

 Learn Dutch! Don’t start with learning grammar. Am I saying this as a teacher? 😉

You want to start learning Dutch.  You feel a bit nervous because you have to start doing something you think is difficult. That’s how most learners start.
There is already some nervousness around being a student, as well as around doing something that is difficult. And most of us will remember from school: grammar isn’t easy. These thoughts and memories affects your openness, your mindset, your […]

Dutch in top 10 easiest foreign languages


Dutch no. 4 easiest foreign languages

Telegraph: Tuesday 14 January 2014
Another West Germanic cousin of the English language, Dutch is both structurally and syntactically familiar for English speakers. In terms of pronunciation and vocabulary, it parallels English in many ways, such as groen (green) or de oude man (the old man). In addition to familiar Germanic root words, the Dutch language adopted many loan words from French, with familiar words like drogeren (drug) and blok (block).

Though some vowel sounds may be new for English speakers, Dutch pronunciation follows the English model of syllable stress, so […]