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25 Dutch sentences to help you speaking

Dutch sentences to help you speak


Dutch sentences for learning the language.

How to start speaking Dutch?

Do you feel helpless? You really don’t need to. Don’t think you need a good Dutch course first or at least study at home before you can say a word. When you are as lazy as I am you don’t study at home and you’ll keep postponing, something that makes you feel bad about yourself. And this is what you don’t want to feel, so you’ll ‘stick your head in the sand’ (Dutch expression […]

The Dutch word ‘druk’

The Dutch word druk. How to say: I’m busy in Dutch? Here a video about one tough frequent mistake English leaners make when speaking Dutch. You’ll never make it agian.

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Use ‘even’. It sounds sweeter


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Strange words that don’t mean a lot, but are used a lot: sentence fillers

The Dutch word ‘even’ literally translated: just a moment

Phonetic: [ˈevə(n)]

NL: Wacht even – EN: Wait a second/minute

BUT it’s also used for politeness; it makes the sentence more polite, sweeter

Ik zal even in zijn agenda kijken – EN: I’ll check his diary/schedule
Kun je me even helpen? – EN: Can you help me? … and even more polite: Kunt u me even helpen?

NL: Wil je even mijn tas pakken? – EN: Could […]