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How to improve your Dutch in a relaxed way.


How to improve your Dutch: Watch television!

I can’t say it enough. Exposure is the key word for learning a new language. It’s just how your brain works. Unfortunately it throws out everything that is not needed. So joining a course once a week is not enough!!

But how about combining learning with something relaxing.

How the brain works.

Listening is the key to speaking. First because you need to understand to be able to react. Second your brain will remember structures and sayings after you’ve […]

Learn Dutch about ‘family’

I hope you’ll enjoy the next video with some options for talking about your family. I’ll give you the most frequent language (there ‘re always quite some exceptions). Please feel free to comment or ask questions. Veel kijkplezier!

Learn Dutch: ‘graag’

How to be polite in Dutch. When do you use 'graag'. 3 ways of using the word 'graag'

 How to use ‘graag’


“Graag! Grrrrr …. Oh dear, why did the Dutch invent this word? It’s so hard to pronounce… and they use it an awful lot.”
“I’m sorry guys. Yes we do. Not only that, but you can also use it in three different ways.
Let’s have a look.”



1. Wil je een kopje koffie? – Would you […]

Sports – Tennis +tennissen

In English you say ” I’m playing tennis”

So the verb is: playing

In Dutch most of the sports you can treat as a verb:

-Tennissen    -Voetballen    -Hockeyen   -Basketballen

So you say: 
Ik tennis
Ik voetbal
Ik hockey
Ik basketbal.

When you want to stress your a member of a club, you can say:
Ik zit op tennis
Ik zit op voetbal
Ik zit op hockey.

Literally translated: I sit on …

So tell me … which sport do you do? Welke sport doe jij […]