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A Dutch teacher provides the right tools for language learning and train you to use them.

Anyone is able to learn Dutch with the right, custom teaching approach.

I’m Jessica de Rooij. I’ve worked for several language institutes as an advisor and senior trainer. My specialty is offering tailor-made courses. I have designed courses for the Dutch government, and have even trained Ajax soccer players.

Using experience gained from my theater background, I have developed a dynamic approach to teaching that is tailored to the specific needs of the individual student. It’s important to create a relaxed atmosphere in which students can learn at their own pace, and where the main focus is placed on communication, rather than trying to memorize rules and complicated grammatical constructions.

I’m a great believer in effective feedback, the seven learning styles and the lexical approach. My speciality is teaching people to improve their verbal expression. I also focus a lot on ‘learning to listen.’ This focus helps you notice what is being said and allows you to understand the message, even when you have not understood every word. Noticing what has been said will help you develop your verbal expression.

I’m very familiar with the mental and emotional hurdles that people face when learning a new language. Feedback from my students often includes comments that they have been encouraged by my patience and enthusiasm.

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Jessica de Rooij

Jessica de Rooij

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