How to improve your Dutch in a relaxed way.


learn Dutch watch tv How to improve your Dutch: Watch television!

I can’t say it enough. Exposure is the key word for learning a new language. It’s just how your brain works. Unfortunately it throws out everything that is not needed. So joining a course once a week is not enough!!

But how about combining learning with something relaxing.

How the brain works.

Listening is the key to speaking. First because you need to understand to be able to react. Second your brain will remember structures and sayings after you’ve heard them often enough. You don’t need to study for that. Sounds good not?


learn Dutch how brain worksFor Beginners watch soaps

So try to find some Dutch tv shows of your interest. May be you like soaps? The best soap for beginners is: Goede tijden, slechte tijden / good times, bad times. It’s on tv for 25 years now. You know soaps, short interactions, basic emotions and flat characters – so it’s not that hard to understand what’s going on. Don’t try to get every word. Just focus on the short sentences and reactions.


How to learn

How to make watching not to relaxed? Set a time for yourself. As a beginner it’s intensive to listen and focus, because most of it is new and hard to understand. Start with 20 minutes and build it up. For an intermediate 45 -60 minutes would be good. Keep pen and paper in the hand and write down words, expressions and sayings. Most televisions have a pause-button nowadays. Use teletext when it’s available, but only as an extra. It’s al about listening.


Learn Dutch use dictionaryUse a dictionary

Then use a good dictionary to look things up. Make your notes readable and structured. Before you start watching the next time (better the next day ;-)) read your notes again. Your brain will love the repetition.


Tips what to watch

So here some tips for watching tv with subtitles /Hier wat tv tips om met ondertiteling te kijken. Op vrijdag weer / On Fridays again: Flikken Maastricht. Flikken is slang voor politie. Dit is een van de beste Nederlandse tv-series.

Gebruik/use teletekst 888 voor de ondertiteling / subtitels.
Op NPO Gemist kun je programma’s terugkijken/ look back. You can find all kind of programs. Als je op T drukt, krijg je de ondertiteling erbij / if you press T you’ll see the subtitles.

Penoza is een bekende/ famous Nederlandse crime-serie (lots of episodes)

Een kookprogramma waarin mensen normaal praten / a cooking program where people talk ‘normaal’. Dit programma is van de VPRO en die maken vaak de betere programma’s: Koken met van Boven

Hier kun je Nederlandse documentaires vinden: NPOdoc

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