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4 succesfull techniques for learning Dutch

Noticing – How it is said! together with what is said/do I understand?
Chunking – which words and combinations go together in Dutch.
Ear-training – What you hear is not what you read. How do the Dutch speak!
Knitting – huis/ mooi huis/ wat een mooi huis. Progress has to do with the ability of putting words together.


Would you like to learn Dutch in a fast and logical way?

➢    Build language from previous knowledge.
➢    Learn structures and ‘ways of saying’ instead of complicated grammar rules.
➢    Put emphasis on communication […]

25 Dutch sentences to help you speaking

Dutch sentences to help you speak


Dutch sentences for learning the language.

How to start speaking Dutch?

Do you feel helpless? You really don’t need to. Don’t think you need a good Dutch course first or at least study at home before you can say a word. When you are as lazy as I am you don’t study at home and you’ll keep postponing, something that makes you feel bad about yourself. And this is what you don’t want to feel, so you’ll ‘stick your head in the sand’ (Dutch expression […]

How to improve your Dutch in a relaxed way.


How to improve your Dutch: Watch television!

I can’t say it enough. Exposure is the key word for learning a new language. It’s just how your brain works. Unfortunately it throws out everything that is not needed. So joining a course once a week is not enough!!

But how about combining learning with something relaxing.

How the brain works.

Listening is the key to speaking. First because you need to understand to be able to react. Second your brain will remember structures and sayings after you’ve […]

Dutch song – a very beautiful day

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When you’re an audio learner this song will give you some relevant sentences/ vocabulary. The translation is not always correct but closest to English as possible- with some notes at the bottom. No present continuous in Dutch. Listen a few times to really hear the Dutch and then read the translation. Warning: the clip is quite aggressive.

Jayh – Een hele mooie dag


Ik heb de wekker niet gehoord /I didn’t hear the alarm clock

het is al half één / it’s already half past twelve [half one]

stapte […]

Learn Dutch – Do not learn grammar

Learn Dutch blog

How to start learning Dutch?

 Learn Dutch! Don’t start with learning grammar. Am I saying this as a teacher? 😉

You want to start learning Dutch.  You feel a bit nervous because you have to start doing something you think is difficult. That’s how most learners start.
There is already some nervousness around being a student, as well as around doing something that is difficult. And most of us will remember from school: grammar isn’t easy. These thoughts and memories affects your openness, your mindset, your […]

Learn Dutch about ‘family’

I hope you’ll enjoy the next video with some options for talking about your family. I’ll give you the most frequent language (there ‘re always quite some exceptions). Please feel free to comment or ask questions. Veel kijkplezier!