Referenties Dutch students

  • I am learning with Jessica, from Dutchtraining 1 to 1 via skype, because not only the timing was my issue, but also I wanted to get a tailor-made cursus and I must say, she is brilliant. She knows how to motivate you too and I can do it from my home, in my preferred time slot. What a gift.

    Rita Kisvardai


  • Jessica encourages us to really speak the language and take notice of how can be improve our vocabulary. She doesn’t refer too much on textbook but focuses more on circumstances we are actually facing. She let us observe things around us which can really build our confidence to speak the language.

    Jochenine Alvardo

    ADM Cocoa Zaandam

  • This is the woman that got me passing my NT2 with flying colours years ago! I can highly recommend her. ‪Jessica is a great teacher, makes Dutch fun and learning relaxed. She understands the challenges of trying to speak and learn the language in this country and I loved how she applies it to things you do everyday. Makes it that much easier.

    Sara Bobkoff

    Little Big Mouth